Projects by Country

Projects Listed by Country

Since our inception, Lifeline Energy has been involved in a variety of communication and education initiatives, mainly in Africa.

Some projects ongoing, while others might officially be “closed”.  Although classified as officially “closed” that doesn’t mean that our products still aren’t being used.  Closed usually refers to the time when the donor reporting requirements have ended, the involvement of an international NGO has ended.  However, it’s highly likely that groups are still meeting and classrooms are still listening to our media players and radios.   We’ve come across our radios which are still being used by communities ten years later.

For ease of reference, we’ve listed the countries that we’ve been involved in Africa to the right.  Outside of Africa, our involvement has been in the field of humanitarian / disaster response globally.  Using the Search function at the top, you can also search by sector such as education or agriculture.