Radio has been the subject of some of my academic research and it’s a central platform of my teaching in the Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Canberra. While I’m writing my PhD on the impact of social media on journalism, I always point out that radio was the original social and interactive medium.

World Radio Day coincides with the first lecture of the year for my Radio Journalism class at the University of Canberra, so I am planning an interactive lecture about the role of radio in society and democracy, featuring audio clips from ABC broadcasters about why and how they got into radio, along with some great archival material. The students will be asked to live-tweet the lecture.

In the tutorials/workshops that follow the lecture, the students will be paired up with an audio assignment – to record each other’s experiences of growing up with radio (wherever home was). They’ll then edit those reflections into 90 second packages for webcast on an ABC website called ABC Pool – a social media/collaborative media portal. Additionally, via that site, the students will form discussion groups about radio designed to crowd source story ideas about the role of radio in contemporary society for production later in the semester. Selected stories from this collaboration will be broadcast by ABC Radio in Canberra as well as hosted on ABC Pool.

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