Design for Systems Change

LESA Communications offers affordable website, branding and social media graphic support for social enterprises and start-ups.

Led by a social entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience and recognised by the Schwab Foundation of the World Economic Forum, the LESA team understands how to enhance visual and brand opportunities to further the work of social enterprises. Systems change is something we understand and that underpins all we do.

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We believe an organisation’s goals should determine their branding, which must then inform all content and communication.

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Services Offered

LESA bullet Brand style guides
LESA bullet Logo design
LESA bullet Social media and presentation templates
LESA bullet Mobile responsive website design
LESA bullet Updating website content (changes, new posts)
LESA bullet Document and brochure design
LESA bullet Content creation and editing
LESA bullet Brainstorming ideas
LESA bullet Consulting
LESA bullet Brand Naming for new products/services

Recent projects

About LESA Communications

LESA Communications is led by Kristine Pearson, who also is the founder and CEO of Lifeline Energy. Having worked with radio producers and content creators who deployed our solar and wind-up radios, Kristine became involved with development communications projects, mainly in Africa. She also saw how many NGOs and social enterprises relied on expensive agency designers who didn’t understand the nuances of the sector.

Increasingly, we found ourselves assisting in design aspects of projects, including product packaging, training manuals, social media and web design consultations. At the same time, we also became aware of the world’s diminishing attention span, making it even more important to create strong and meaningful ‘visual’ impact.

LESA Communications has a team of experienced web designers, editors and graphic artists to help social innovators develop world-class imagery for the social sector. And since most of our work is carried out in South Africa, it’s affordable.

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