What is our relationship to Lifeline Technologies?
Lifeline Technologies Trading Ltd, is a consumer electronics company established by Lifeline Energy to address mass education in developing countries.  Lifeline Technologies began operations in 2010 and we enjoy a fully collaborative relationship.  It has designed and developed the Prime and Lifeplayer MP3 with funding from Lifeline Energy.  We are now able to own our own IP and design rights, to always ensure that our products benefit the humanitarian sector and are not sold commercially.  Lifeline Energy is and will always be the majority shareholder in Lifeline Technologies.
Why did we create the Lifeplayer MP3?
To respond to market failure for education in developing countries.  For years we’d been asked to create a wind-up or solar cassette player, which was too power-hungry to operate on anything other than electricity, but it wasn’t practical in dusty areas.  And with all technologies, including radio, there are limitations – if you miss a broadcast, it’s lost forever.  And despite the dramatic growth of mobile phones and the Internet, radio remains the primary means of communication across Africa. In rural areas electricity is scarce and batteries are unaffordable for the poorest.  The Lifeplayer enables learning to take place anytime, anywhere and for large groups.  As it can continually be updated with new content via microSD cards via smart phone or the Internet.
Why are we no longer using the Lifeline radio?
In 2010 we introduced the next generation solar and wind-up radio – the Prime. The Prime replaces the Lifeline radio, which was our idea, and funded via the Tech Museum of Innovation Awards and other donors. We oversaw its development and were there when it was first wound up in the field in 2003.  Since launching the Lifeline radio in 2003, we gathered user feedback. This, coupled with advances in technology, resulted in the Prime radio, which also incorporates an LED light.
Is there a minimum number of Lifeplayers or Prime radios that can be purchased for a project?
Do we engage in political activities in developing countries?
Lifeline Energy is strictly a humanitarian organisation and we support human rights and media freedom for all.  However, we never engage in politics or with political parties.
What did our relaunching as Lifeline Energy mean in terms of strategy and mission?
The name change enabled us to make a clean start and to set out a clear vision moving forward to focus on Educating | Informing| Illuminating – our new strapline. The name Lifeline Energy reflects our vision to develop a range of clean energy practical, fit-for-purpose products that provide education and information access to under-served communities. Our products provide children with access to school lessons and teachers with access to programmes that will help them improve their skills.  Solar lighting is also vital and instead of developing our own lighting (as we had done in the past with Freeplay Energy) we partner with lighting firms that share our mission and values.