Please watch our selection of videos, some of which have been created by Lifeline Energy, others by our partner organisations or media companies.

CNBC - Lifeline CEO Kristine Pearson at the 2017 World Economic Forum on Africa

Kristine Pearson talks about the changing face of WEF Africa and how to transform Africa through inclusive growth.

Learning at Taonga Market

Learning at Taonga Market – it’s their chance to learn!

British Council - Life Player - Ethiopia

Reading Program run by the British Council in Northern Ethiopia.

British Council Reaches Visually Impaired English teachers

Through an innovative programme combining audio material, Braille, and teacher training content, British Council in Ethiopia is reaching visually impaired pre-service English teachers in an attempt at improving the quality of training they get.

Conservation Farming and Saving Wildlife

COMACO, a non-profit Zambian company, is using our radios to deliver information on conservation farming and wildlife preservation.

Radio School in Zambia

A snapshot of a Taonga learner.

Lifeline Energy's Big Idea for Africa

Lifeline CEO, Kristine Pearson, discusses the impact our Lifeplayer MP3 can have on the lives of nomadic pastoralists.

Lifeplayer in British Council Projects

Learn English Audio Pilot.

Lifeplayer in British Council Projects

Teachers learning English in Rwanda.

Radio Information in Dadaab Refugee Camps

Radio broadcasts educate Somali refugees in Dadaab.

World Radio Day

Let’s celebrate World Radio Day.

Lights for Rwandan Orphans

Rwandan orphans receive wind-up and solar powered Lifelights.

In the Media

Lifeline Energy solar radios help child-headed households in Rwanda.

Community Radio Listening Groups in Zambia

To combat high rates of stunting in Zambia, the Zambian National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC) is working with Lifeline Energy to tackle malnutrition head-on..

COMACO powered by Lifeline Energy

Join us on a joyful visit to a farmer producer group called Kachikoti in Eastern Zambia. The farmers listen to the Farm Talk radio show on our Prime radios and Lifeplayer MP3s.