When an emergency strikes, people need reliable information – now.  Cell phone networks may be down.  There’s no electricity.  New technologies aren’t always the best solution.

Radio is the most reliable way to reach people in need.  Our solar-powered products also have a wind-up option ensuring 24/7 listening access.  Some products offer an MP3 option for pre-recorded content and can record new messages. Others can top up mobile phones.  Learn more about our product range below: 

Lifeplayer MP3

The Lifeplayer is the first MP3-enabled multi-band radio designed and engineered for the humanitarian sector. This game-changing tool combines radio, media player, cellular and Internet content as never before possible.

The Lifeplayer is powered by a solar panel and a fail-safe winding mechanism and has outstanding speaker quality enabling 60 listeners to hear it clearly. It can deliver educational or informational content anytime, anywhere to large groups.

Find out more about the Lifeplayer MP3.

Prime Radio

The Prime radio is our next generation of solar and wind-up radio, thoughtfully designed to provide 24/7 listening access. With outstanding sound quality for large group listening, speakers can be added to boost the volume further.

An analogue radio with FM, AM and 3 SW bands, the Prime features a digital LCD screen. Radio stations are displayed in an easy-to-read format and an LED light. The colour-coded interface makes it easy for both children and adults to understand. The Prime replaces the Lifeline radio.

Find out more about the Prime radio.

Fenix Emergency Radio-Light-Charger

This practical, feature-packed radio-light is an excellent choice for post-disaster and emergency relief efforts. It can be distributed directly to survivors or in care/survival packs. The solar panel and crank handle ensures that the radio and light can be used when there is no electricity or batteries. The USB phone charging port enables people to send important messages to loved ones. Radio enables the flow of information between survivors, the government and aid workers. 

Find out more about the Fenix

Emergency Polaris Plus Radio

With the same features and functionality of the Polaris, the Polaris Plus plays MP3 audio content on miscroSD cards. This allows listeners to play, pause, fast forward, rewind and replay as needed. Content can be downloaded via a microSD card from a mobile phone or computer and then inserted into the unit.  It also has an integrated LED light.

Also designed for individuals and small groups, the Polaris Plus comes in FM only.

Find out more about the Polaris Plus.

Emergency Polaris Radio

The Polaris radio and LED light is designed for emergency use for individuals and small groups anywhere at any time. This compact, robust FM/AM or FM/SW radio has a rubberized body and a handy carry handle.

The water resistant Polaris offers solar, hand crank and USB external recharge power options, providing independence from electricity or disposable batteries. It can also top-charge a cell phone.

Find out more about the Emergency Polaris Radio.


Designed for emergency and disaster situations, the Bridge is an FM/AM solar and wind-up radio and light with a loud siren and mobile phone charger. The charger will top up most cell phones. The Bridge provides 24/7 listening and lighting access for families in disaster situations. It is available in green and in grey.

Find out more about the Gemini

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