Become a Fundraiser

A fundraising event or campaign is a great way to get your friends together and make a difference! Check out some inspiring ideas of what other people have done to support our work:

Canadian High School students gave up one soft drink per day for a month and helped almost 1,000 of their peers in Africa.

Kevin Turk, a huge Tom Hanks fan, hosts an annual International Tom Hanks Day and has helped raise thousands since the first event started in 2004.
Marathon fun-runners selected Lifeline Energy as their chosen charity and raised thousands for an education project in Zambia.
Sibusiso Vilane, became the first black African to walk to the South Pole. His historic journey helped more than 5,000 South African children.

Did you know that you can raise money for your favourite charity directly via Facebook? A guy from Chicago, Dave Koob, did just that. He asked people to donate to Lifeline Energy instead of buying him birthday presents. You can too by going to our facebook page and clicking on “fundraisers” in the left hand side bar.

Interested in fundraising for Lifeline Energy?


We’ve made it easy for you with our Fundraising Toolkit.  Created with the help of one of our pro bono corporate volunteers, this Fundraising Toolkit tells you everything you need to know about helping to fundraise for Lifeline Energy.

For any questions, email:
Note: Lifeline Energy cannot accept liability for activities undertaken in its name.
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