Fenix Emergency Radio-Light-Charger –NEW!

This practical, feature-packed radio-light is an excellent choice for post-disaster and emergency relief efforts. It can be distributed directly to survivors or in care/survival packs. The solar panel and crank handle ensures that the radio and light can be used when there is no electricity or batteries. The USB phone charging port enables people to send important messages to loved ones. Radio enables the flow of information between survivors, the government and aid workers. This communication is as much aid as food, water, shelter and medicine are. The LED flashlight ensures that light is available at night, aiding in safety.

  • Solar and wind-up power
  • Power Bank
  • Battery level indicator
  • Micro USB phone charging point
  • AM/FM/WB radio bands
  • An integrated LED flashlight
  • Built-in SOS siren
  • Excellent sound for small listening groups
  • Integrated carry handle
  • A compact design for efficient shipping and rapid deployment into disaster areas
  • Can be customized with stickers
  • Box packaging can be customised

The Fenix is made available to the humanitarian sector and is not sold commercially.

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Fenix solar dynamo radio