Emergency Polaris Radio-Light

When disaster strikes people need food, water and medical care. They also need information. In emergency situations, people need to know what to do and where to go to get help. They need contact with the outside world. They need to connect with families and friends. The tough little Polaris provides all this – a radio that will deliver essential – and in some cases, life-saving – information, combined with a flashlight and a cell phone charger. And it needs nothing more than the sun or winding by hand to power itself.

The Polaris radio-light is designed for individuals and small group use, anywhere and at any time. This compact, robust radio boasts a rubberized body with recessed control knobs for impact resistance and comfort.


The water-resistant Polaris offers a choice of solar, hand crank and external charing power options via a USB cord, providing complete independence from the grid or disposable batteries. The integrated hand crank provides a back-up for cloudy days with excellent playtime performance, dependability, and durability.

Fitted with a mini USB input facility to accommodate an external AC/DC charger, the Polaris can also top-up cell phones and 2 charging tips are provided. This gives people the ability to contact loved ones in an emergency vis sms or a short call.

The LED flashlight ensures that light is available at night, which is important for safety in emergencies.

The Polaris has been used in a variety of humanitarian emergencies around the world. it is worth noting that the Polaris has a short manufacturing lead time.


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