Our Work

About Our Work

From the start, Lifeline’s involvement in radio and audio communication initiatives has included health, education, agriculture, peace building, financial inclusion, environment and emergency response. Our technology and products integrate well with other technologies, without seeking to replace them. Nor do other technologies replace ours. Although our footprint is largely in sub-Saharan Africa, our products are used in developing countries around the world.

For example, a classroom may listen to school lessons on our Prime radio.  After class, the teacher will sms feedback to the education ministry on her basic cell phone.  Or farmers can listen an agricultural radio broadcast about pesticides on the Lifeplayer, record it, and play it back to the entire cooperative the next day.  The cooperative leader then might connect with What’s App to other cooperatives in the valley to stimulate discussion. Groups of frontline health workers can listen to pre-recorded health content in their own language and then watch a video of a procedure on a tablet.  All our products are power independent, whereas most others require an external power source.

Lifeline’s values of partnership, integrity, service excellence and innovation underpin our work and with whom to work.  Over the years we’ve collaborated with many fine organisations which share our values.  These include: