Pippa Hudson

Cape Talk's Lunch with Pippa Hudson

17 February 2021| On the couch: How radio education is changing lives in Africa

Guest: Kristine Pearson | The founding CEO of Lifeline Energy. 

Channel Africa podcast

Channel Africa Podcast

12 February 2021|The power of radio

With COVID19 disrupting schooling for billions of students across the globe, education ministries and NGOs have been scrambling to respond with alternative learning measures. Sadly, tens of millions of children will not be reached – because of lack of access to the internet and other resources, including a power supply. In marking World Radio Day -annually observed on 13 February, we reflected on how radio education has gained renewed importance as an effective reliable and highly personal medium for fueling learning. For more on this, Zikhona Miso spoke to Kristine Pearson of Lifeline Energy, an organisation that designs solar and wind up media players and radios for classroom and group listening.

The New Ism podcast

24: Kristine Pearson | An episode of The New Ism

We have a big ambition: to create a new economic system with inclusivity at its heart. Some of the world’s most innovative and exciting minds are creating solutions to fix our broken society, but they are working in spite of the current system. We want a new economic system that empowers them and brings their efforts together so that they can change the world.
Every week we talk to exciting social entrepreneurs to discover what they think a new, fairer economy should look like.