Call To Action: Palu Tsunami Survivors Need Radios

No other medium is as powerful and as important during times of crises as radio – including the current emergency in Palu, Indonesia. On 28 September, a 7.5 earthquake triggered a tsunami which has left an estimated 2,000 dead, 5,500 are still missing and more than 330,000 displaced.

Not only do survivors need food, shelter and medical care, they need information – information about where and when aid will be distributed; how to locate missing loved ones; weather reports, health updates, and much more. Our solar powered wind-up Polaris radio lights provide exactly that.  People who have lost everything, don’t have radios or the batteries to power them.

The radio station infrastructure is being quickly rebuilt with priority being given to relief information. Talk Radio in times of crisis also provides psycho-social support. However, many people lost their phones, and for those who still have phones, there is no electricity to recharge them.

Along with 24/7 access to information, news and updates, our power-independent Polaris units also include a LED light to provide light at night, as well as a cellphone charging feature for survivors who have one. Our on-the-ground partner, First Response Radio, has a network in place in Palu, which will handle distribution to displaced families, the disabled and other vulnerable survivors.

In times of crises, survivors rely on radio to broadcast information they can trust. Radio speaks to survivors in a language they understand. During an emergency, rumours are rife, making the need for trusted and accurate information all the more crucial. Information is aid, and you can help provide it to the people of Palu.

You can make a donation directly on our donation page or on GlobalGiving.

Making a donation today will help us deliver access to information for those who need it most.

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