Supporting Pyrethrum Farmers


In 2012 Lifeline Energy partnered with US NGO, Coffee Lifeline, in a project funded by SC Johnson to distribute 225 Lifeplayer MP3s to farming communities in northern Rwanda. The educational project supported pyrethrum (py) farmers. Initially, the project benefited more than 5,000 py farmers.  This is approximately 60% of the total number of py farmers in Rwanda, by sharing farming news, market trends and wellness information.

To help alleviate past problems around communication access, the Lifeplayer MP3 allowed farmers to listen to pre-loaded, pre-recorded programming and broadcasts that impact their livelihood and quality of life. Topics covered include best practices for pyrethrum cultivation from seed propagation to planting, harvesting and drying, the function of farming cooperatives, as well as the role of members in these cooperatives and health topics important to Rwandan farming communities such as reproductive/maternal health, early childhood diseases and HIV/AIDS.

Py is a plant-based insecticide harvested from dried chrysanthemum flowers. It is used globally in insecticide products, including SC Johnson brands like Raid® and Baygon®.