The Weza Generator


The Weza Generator was a foot-powered portable energy source that Lifeline Energy used to distribute. It offered power of up to 12v. The foot-powered Weza generator was piloted in Rwanda in a World Bank Development Marketplace sponsored initiative that we won in 2006.

Lifeline Energy launched this initiative project in January 2007 and by the end of February, 128 ‘Weza Pioneers’ had been trained to use the product and manage a business selling power to community members. Our implementation partner organisation, CARE had already trained associations to manage savings and loan programmes, and encouraged them to join the Weza project. A low interest credit line was set up to enable 40 Weza enterprise groups to start their own rural energy businesses and provide valuable community services. Groups repay their micro-loans out of income generated by cell phone and hair clipper charging and LED light rentals. Due to a number of issues, including those with the Weza, the initiative did not continue or scale.