Youth Radio in Tanzania


Tanzania has a young population with half under 25 years of age. Young people have the highest risk of contracting HIV/AIDS as well as other sexually transmitted illnesses. Radio was found to be the best and most cost effective way to reach them.  In the absence of information on sexual and reproductive health or adequate services Mambo Bomba, a variety radio programme, was created to reach out to young people and provide information on issues from relationships to safe sex practices. Its weekly broadcast was presented for young people by young people. Mambo Bomba was broadcast by Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam.

With a grant from the Vodafone Group Foundation and Vodacom Tanzania we donated 1,500 of our solar and wind-up radios to provide access to Mambo Bomba and other youth radio programmes in 2004. The African Youth Alliance (AYA) distributed the radios to support youth listening groups. AYA was an initiative in Tanzania, Ghana, Botswana and Uganda and was funded by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation to address adolescent health concerns. Other partners include PATH and Pathfinders and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The Communication and Media for Children Foundation (COME) which made an important contribution to out of school youth in Tanzania received 300 radios. COME uses the skills of former journalists to help develop media and communication capacity and skills in young people. COME, works with UNICEF supported Out of School Youth (OOSY) Programmes, which involved children in community dialogue through information broadcasts and news bulletins to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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