The 18th annual Tom Hanks Day might have been a virtual event, but it sure was fun! It included video snippets from previous Tom Hanks day events in Chicago, fun clips from Tom Hanks movies, videos that Tom had sent and live feeds from fans around the world.

Hosted by Tom Hanks Day co-founders, Kevin Turk (this year with a beard), Kellen Manley (a new dad) and Kris Petro (who looks the same as he did 18 years ago) they held raffles for genuine Tom Hanks signed memorabilia. Every year Tom donates a huge amount of swag which is used to support Lifeline Energy.

We are thrilled that more than 70 Tom Hanks’ fans donated to our Esila Campaign for Girls which will deliver Fenix radio lights to rural Maasai school girls in Kenya. Read more about it here.

Here are some highlights from the event.

Kevin Turk
Hanks Day co founders
Young Hanks fan
Tom Hanks Day 2021
Kellen Manley
Tom Hanks Day 2021
Celebrating from home
Kris Petro
Fans with Tom Hanks swag
Tom Hanks Day supporters
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