Kevin Turk, co-founder of Tom Hanks Day, for World Radio Day, 2013

Radio means a lot to a lot of different people. To some it is a source of enjoyment; to others it is their means to staying connected with the world. With so many different mediums of communication out there, the radio is quickly forgotten as the latter. It’s not just a source of enjoyment for a lot of people. It is their sole source for education, current events, and in some cases a full functioning tool in their everyday life.

International Tom Hanks Day is an annual event to raise funds for Lifeline Energy. Their radios have changed the way we have looked at what a radio can/should be. These radios are smart designs to provide families, schools and communities with constant source of education in areas where they otherwise would be unable to stay connected with what is going on around them. Over the years we have seen the purpose of the radio change . Lifeline Energy’s new Lifeplayer MP3 can be preloaded up to 64GB of information – providing on-demand access to educational content.

To me personally, radio was always something to listen to while in the car. When I see the ingenuity that Lifeline Energy put into technology, it gives me a new perspective on life.  I am really excited for the growing World Radio Day and hope that it will expose more people to the value of what is around them.

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