Communicating the work of social entrepreneurs, NGOs and others requires a particular understanding of the space in which we live, work and dream of a better future.

It is our unique understanding of the sector – built on a foundation of more than 20 years of experience – that makes LESA Communications different.

 Led by social entrepreneur Kristine Pearson, founder and CEO of Lifeline Energy who is recognised by the Schwab Foundation of the World Economic Forum, the LESA team understands how to enhance visual and brand opportunities to further the work of social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and others in the social sector.

 Kristine became aware of the need for a targeted communications agency through her work with radio producers and content creators who deployed Lifeline Energy’s solar and wind-up radios. Over the years, she became involved with a wide variety development and social behaviour change communications projects, mainly in Africa. She saw what worked and didn’t, and the importance of deeply understanding the audience you’re communicating with.

 Increasingly, she and her team actively assisted in various design aspects of projects – whether it was product packaging and branding, training manuals, social media and web design consultations. At the same time, they also became aware of the world’s diminishing attention span, making it even more important to create strong and meaningful ‘visual’ impact. Systems change approaches are something we understand and this understanding underpins our work.

 LESA Communications is a team of experienced web designers, writers, editors and graphic artists who are equipped to help social innovators develop high calibre imagery for the social sector. Our work is world class and our rates are designed for NGO budgets.

lesa communications branding
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