We’d like to share our latest venture. (The story behind this is powerful and we will be sharing it in the New Year.)

Community-based radio remains the most important and trusted information medium in Africa. Here’s why:​

– Radio reaches people in rural areas without electricity or internet access.

– Radio is accessible to the illiterate or semi-literate.

– Radio is free, there are no data charges.

– Radio builds on Africa’s rich traditions of oral storytelling. That’s why every year new, educational audio programs are created by community radio stations, private enterprise, NGOs, government agencies, UN organizations and others who want to give listeners information about a wide array of important topics such as how to farm, how to manage their finances, or to how to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, in spite of limited resources, once these radio segments are aired they are discarded. So organizations across the continent, across countries, and sometimes even across the street, spend money and time re-creating what has already been created. That’s why we need a bank – a place to save and provide free, downloadable radio segments in many languages for repeated use by African radio stations, educators and NGOs across the continent. That’s what we are here to do.

View the Radio Voice Bank website for more information.


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