Doing That Thing They Do (since 2004)

The 15th annual International Tom Hanks Day was celebrated on the 07 April by more than 500 revellers.  Everything was what it promised to be: loads of fun and fellowship, clips from Tom’s movies, Tom Hanks chants, a Tom Hanks shop, a costume contest, Tom Hanks memorabilia raffle, a band called what else, The Hanksters – all while raising funds for Lifeline Energy.

in the words of two of the co-founders:  “This year was really special for us. Turning 15 isn’t something you typically go through twice in a lifetime but it was truly amazing. We can’t thank everyone enough for coming out, celebrating in their neighborhoods and most importantly donating to Lifeline Energy.” — Kevin Turk.

“…highlights included our core group of 16+ people all coming out for this year’s event, and all the new faces I saw and met who were celebrating their first THD and couldn’t believe what they were seeing; Hundreds of Hanksters having fun together, celebrating Tom, and raising money for a GREAT cause.” — Kellen Manley.

Tom Hanks Day founders

Tom Hanks Day 2018 co-founders, party-goers and The Hanksters

Fun Main Event Facts:

Theme: That Thing You Do! (1996 movie) that Tom starred in and directed.
Overheard by guest: “I have been coming for five years and every year I hope it’s going to be a “That Thing You Do” theme, and you have NO IDEA how happy I was when I got here and saw that’s what was going on. I am SO excited right now!”
Chicago Venue:
Numbers at main event: 500+ attendees, quite the party!!!
Winner of costume contest: Running Forrest (apparently not to be confused with Young Forrest, another contestant)

THD2018 Costume Contest

Costume Contest Finalists

We enjoy the enthusiasm of this events organisers and sincerely thank them for what they have done for Nomadic Kenyan Women through their efforts (and fun). Also to everyone who attended one of the events or made a donation, you may not fully realise what a difference you have made in the lives of these women, but they will be positively impacted as a result of your donation. — Lifeline Energy


Message from Tom Hanks…

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